Secrets and Lies

If there was just one thing I could change – ranking #1 on the long list of things that drive me absolutely crazy in adoption – is society’s acceptance of secrets and lies as being inherent to the system and indeed “good” for the parties involved. Normally, this happens in relation to what the adoptee […]

Biology and Birth Certificates: Our Right to Accuracy

Most U.S. citizens raised by their biological parents never question whether the information on their birth certificates is accurate. With the evolution of adoption and alternate means of conceiving a child, “accurate” is an increasingly subjective term. Is the purpose of a birth certificate to portray a biological account of a person’s birth parents, or […]

The Catholic Church and PA House Bill 162

This picture was taken in 1985, the day of my First Holy Communion. My wooden stance and expression say it all. I remember receiving a white chocolate cross. I despise white chocolate, but I choked down that poor excuse for the real thing because it was expected. Something was amiss, and my subconscious knew it. […]